About Me!

eyeballsfacepaintPixie Dust Creations was born from my passion for painting; or more specifically, face painting. The artwork produced by professional make-up artists and face painters brings out our most inner beauty. Inspired by an artist friend, I began with a little Snazaroo face painting kit from the craft store, and the rest is history.  I was hooked by the happiness brought to the children when they saw the magic on their faces, despite my humble beginnings. They embraced the art which transcended into creative play. It is gratifying to give children an opportunity to use their imagination and have a great time!


So here I am, fortunate to do with what I truly love: painting, socializing, being around children, and fostering their imaginations with my art.   In efforts to continue improving upon my craft, I attend various conventions, art, and design classes taught by some of the best artists in the business!  I not only want to make every event a fun and memorable experience but also provide safe & quality workmanship that everyone will appreciate and enjoy.



PDC 2018